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How will the Apple Watch ban in the US affect consumers?


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The Future of the Apple Watch in the US: Uncertain Times Ahead

The latest version of the Apple Watch has recently been yanked from the shelves in the United States. The removal comes in the wake of a substantial patent dispute between Apple and Masimo, a prominent medical technology company. The dispute centers around pulse oximetry sensors, which measure blood oxygen levels. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has sided with Masimo, resulting in an import ban on the contested Apple Watches. This move has significant implications for Apple’s multi-billion dollar wearables, home, and accessories business, which annually rakes in about $40 billion.

The Patent Dispute

At the heart of the matter is Masimo’s claim that Apple’s pulse oximetry sensors infringe on its patents. The ban, effective since December 26, prompted Apple to proactively remove the affected models from sale, including from its website.

Apple watch
Apple watch

Limited Impact and Scope

Importantly, the ban applies solely to the United States, allowing Apple to continue selling the Apple Watch in other markets unaffected by the dispute. Furthermore, the restriction pertains only to the latest Apple Watch models, specifically the Series 9 and Ultra 2, sparing the older Apple Watch SE from any sales disruption. Watches already in the possession of retailers and customers remain unaffected by the ban, offering a temporary reprieve for those already invested in the contested models.

Statements from Apple and Masimo

Apple has consistently contested the ITC’s decision, expressing strong disagreement and asserting that measures are being taken to expedite the return of the impacted Apple Watch models to US customers. On the other hand, Masimo welcomes the ban, labeling it a victory for the integrity of the US patent system and American consumers. The stark divergence in perspectives sets the stage for a protracted legal battle.

Historical Precedents

This is not the first time Apple has faced legal challenges related to its wearable devices. Earlier in the year, the ITC ruled in favor of medical company AliveCor, recommending a ban on the Apple Watch, although the Biden administration refrained from enforcing it. Notably, a decade ago, the Obama administration overturned a ban on iPhones and iPads following a patent dispute with Samsung. However, the current scenario is distinct, as both Apple and Masimo are US-based companies.

Potential Resolutions

Looking ahead, the resolution of this dispute remains uncertain, with three possible outcomes on the horizon. Firstly, the ban could persist, resulting in Apple permanently withdrawing the affected Watch models from the market. Given the immense popularity of the Apple Watch, this outcome appears unlikely, as Apple is likely to explore alternative solutions. The second option involves the ban being overturned, reverting to the status quo before the dispute unfolded. Finally, the two companies may negotiate a settlement, with Apple potentially compensating Masimo for the use of its patents or even acquiring the medical technology company.

The Road Ahead

As the situation unfolds, a compromise between the second and third options seems plausible. Apple may pursue a review to have the ban lifted, potentially leading to the development of a redesigned Watch that avoids patent infringement. The timing of a resolution is crucial, and Apple is eagerly awaiting a decision from US Customs and Border Protection on January 12. This decision will determine whether redesigned versions of the Apple Watch, devoid of the contentious technology, still run afoul of Masimo’s patents.

Apple watch
Apple watch


The Apple Watch’s removal from US shelves underscores the complexities of intellectual property disputes in the ever-evolving tech industry. While the ban has immediate repercussions for Apple’s market presence, the ultimate resolution remains uncertain. Whether through government intervention or a financial settlement, both companies have vested interests in finding a solution. As time ticks away, the tech world awaits the next chapter in this unfolding saga, keenly observing the impact on consumer choices, market dynamics, and the broader landscape of intellectual property rights in the technology sector.

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